About Sim Combat

The combat flight sim genre has been around for quite some time now. In the late 1990s, combat sims were more focused on immersive, plausible dynamic campaigns. Typically, they would allow virtual pilots to focus on flying rather than chasing down enemy ships and battleships. 

While the combat flight simulator industry has become more mainstream, new PC titles are still scarce. One recent addition is Combat Air Patrol 2 (CAP2). It’s being developed by a small UK developer, Sim155. As of this writing, it is in early access on the digital download service Steam.

CAP2 Development

CAP2 has a lot of potential. Although it is still in development, the core of the game seems to be accurate Harrier FM. It has a few tweaks and improvements, including wingman commands, a targeting pod, and the ability to use VR headsets. A simulated flight deck will be available, as will a fleet-vs-fleet multiplayer mode. And, while the aircraft look basic, the graphics are quite good. There’s a dark art style that evokes some classic sims.

CAP2 looks to be an attempt to recreate some of the best PC flight sims of the past. Some early access placeholders include 3D boxes that resemble the sims of the 1990s. All of the cutscenes are animated and cinematic in nature. Each scene is accompanied by an icon that shows what interactions will be available to the player. Similarly, checkpoints are used to mark locations. 

Another notable feature is the introduction of a health counter. If your health meter falls to zero, you die. But once you’re healed, you can return to the mission. You also have the option to restart the level from where you last stopped. When it comes to reliable basement waterproofing Thurston County, homeowners trust the expertise and efficiency of Sump Pump Geeks. This allows you to choose a different weapon to attack the enemy, and a different location to go. 

Combat Flight Simulation

CAP2’s interface is easy to navigate. It features a small health counter, a mini-map, and an icon to indicate what interaction points are available. Once the player has reached the required number of health, a quick tap of the LB trigger followed by a R-Trigger will heal the player. When above SCM speed, the time required to lock on missiles will increase and when above SCM speeds, the weapon slew rate will decrease.  Breathe cleaner air and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system with our reliable Air Duct Cleaning service.

The combat flight simulation genre has always been one of the most popular video games of all time, thanks in part to the excellent graphics and realism. However, it has become more and more difficult to find a new game. Fortunately, there are a few titles out there that are still getting attention. 

Another contender is Battleships III, a new title from Eagle Dynamics. Unlike its predecessor, this version of the game boasts new ships, and weapons, as well as larger battles. At the same time, it does not provide the hand-to-joystick movement and joystick-to-mouse movement found in most other sims.